New published article

I wrote an article for the Kiev based photography and reportage magazine «bird in flight». The article goes along with photos I took back in Dezember 2015 and January 2016 in northern Iraq, and can be read here in English or translated to Russian here. All pictures were taken in Sinjar or the surrounding front lines.

New articles published

I wrote an article for the Swiss newspaper Tagesanzeiger on the fight between the Kurdish forces and the self proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS). The article contains my text as well as photographs I made in July and August 2015. the article is in German and can be read here.

There are also 18 photos I took in late December 2015 inside the Islamic State tunnel system found under the liberated northern Iraqi city of Sinjar. They are featured in this article on the german weekly magazines online issue of DER SPIEGEL.

The fight against the Islamic State (ISIS)

In August 2015 I visited the frontline against the Islamic State in the Kurdish regions of northern Iraq. A glimpse of the work I did there can be seen here. Many thanks to the local producer Samad Rashid for making my work as safe and easy as possible under the given circumstances.   


The wonderful Youtube channel «CrashCourse» with over 3 million subscribers used two of my 2011 North Korea Photos for John Greens newest episode about Democracy, Authoritarian and Capitalism. Check the Video out here

A land to fill – Part 2

This girl is one of many children and adults who search the incoming truckloads of garbage for a meal to eat or recyclable material to earn some cents. After visiting a giant Landfill outside of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan last year, I photographed the second reportage of my ongoing «a land to fill» series. This time I spent some time on a landfill close to the famous temples of Angkor in Cambodia. The site is off-limits to journalists and hard to access due to governmental cover up of that environmental disaster. Thank you to my local «fixer» Nick Ann for all the help. A direct link to the Photos is here.